Dress Code

Dear Parents and Students,

Please review the uniform code prior to making any purchases for your 2015-2016 school uniform, there have been some adjustments since this went home in registration packets.

Please, if you are unsure if something is within code, call the office before you make the purchase.

Mrs. Downs


St. Vincent de Paul uniform policy is designed to reflect the seriousness of purpose for which each student should bring to their studies. The uniform serves as an indication of the respect that all students should demonstrate toward classmates, faculty, school and themselves.


  • Red or Hunter Green knit tops with a collar or turtleneck
    • No brand logos permitted
    • All shirts, including turtlenecks, must have our school logo in white on the collar (left side). The logos can be acquired at Markt Solutions and Lands’ End
  • Shoes should be solid black, brown, navy or tan in color. Traditional dress or casual shoe or plain dark tennis shoes (solid black, dark gray, brown or navy blue) are permitted. Students need to be able to run and play safely in their footwear.
    • Logos are discouraged and if present must be minimal, not predominate.
    • No colored soles on tennis shoes, white soles are acceptable.
    • No heeled shoes, sandals, backless shoes, ankle boots, work boots, “Ugg” style boots, or flip flops.
  • Pants need to be dress navy blue with no logos. Material may be corduroy, cotton or polyester.
    • No tight fitting yoga pants
    • No slim cut or no skinny fit pants
    • No knit, lycra, cargo pants or leggings
    • No elastic waist in grades 5th through 8th grade
    • Pants must not be tight fitting
  • Gym clothes – shirts with sleeves, no spandex bottoms. Shorts need to be mid-thigh in length
  • Navy Shorts or Skorts may worn April 1st through October 31st, weather permitting.
  • Sweaters need to be solid red, hunter green, or navy blue and a knit material. Pull over or cardigan in style.
    • No fleece or sweatshirt material
    • No half zip or half button.
  • Socks may be white, black, navy, hunter green or red.
    • No logos.
    • Ankle, crew or knee socks. Socks must be able to fold over and be seen above the shoe for both boys and girls.
    • No footie socks
  • Belts must be worn if in grades 5-8 if pants, shorts, or skorts if there are belt loops.
  • School Sweat Shirts are available through Markt Solutions. These are the only sweatshirts permitted to be worn during class.

Additions to Girls UniformsK-4 girls

  • Shorts, skirts and skorts should be no shorter than knee length (Permitted only April 1st through October 31st, weather permitting) Navy Blue and Plaid Skorts may be worn year round.
  • Tights are permitted in white, navy, hunter green and red.
  • Uniform plaid items may only be purchased from Land End, and Markt Solutions

The school plaid style is the Hunter/Classic Navy. Plaid items permitted are pants, skorts and round neck jumpers.

**Plaid items purchased from other companies other than the ones listed above may not be the correct plaid and are not uniform.

  • Uniform plaid skort may be worn year-round but must be no higher than one inch above the knee

Additions to Girls Uniforms – 5-8 girls

  • A-Line plaid skirt and skort should be knee length or longer and may be worn year round
  • Plaid uniform pants purchased from SchoolBelles.
  • Tights are permitted in white, navy, or red.

Additions to Boys Uniforms

  • Shorts in Navy blue may be worn April 1st through October 31st (weather permitting) and may be cargo type with a proper fitting waist. They must be knee length or mid-knee and should be no longer than mid-calf.

** Please note the hair, jewelry, make-up, and hair regulations are not listed but still apply for the 2015-2016 School year. Please refer back to your 2014-15 school handbook.

Uniform Stores

2759 Martin road
Dublin, OH 43017
School Code S0726

Lands’ End
2 Lands’ End Lane
Dodgeville, WI 53595-0001
School Code 9000-9699-1

Markt Solutions
1095 Harcourt Road
Mt. Vernon, OH 43050