mdownsWelcome to St. Vincent de Paul School! St. Vincent’s is a Catholic school educating children in pre-school through the eighth grade, providing all students with a Catholic, values-based education combined with a belief in academic excellence and a commitment to community service.

St. Vincent de Paul School concentrates on a differentiated curriculum that allows each student to be successful at his/her own level of learning. By allowing each student to work through his/her own learning style we are able to incorporate lessons that engage the student in visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic learning. This has enabled our students to score consistently above the national average on standardized tests.

St. Vincent de Paul is a member of the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Columbus. The Catholic schools of the Diocese of Columbus are also committed to creating and maintaining an academic climate which provides students the best opportunity to become productive, contributing citizens of their world. Equally important, the schools are sensitive to the uniqueness of each student and foster the value of the individual.

It is an exciting time in the life of St. Vincent de Paul School. Come join us.

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Mission Statement

The St. Vincent de Paul School’s Mission Statement reads simply:

Learning through Christ, the Saint Vincent de Paul School family strives to excel in knowledge, service, leadership, and faith through Roman Catholic Tradition.

Statement of Belief

The philosophy of Saint Vincent School is based upon the concept of Catholic education as a means of developing the total child. The school exists to assist the parents in the religious, intellectual, psychological, social, emotional, cultural, and physical growth of each child. We believe that cooperation among school, home and parish community will facilitate the following beliefs:

  • Providing a quality educational environment through a partnership of parents, teachers, students and parish community.
  • Various creative learning methods will encourage individuality
  • Building and modeling a community of faith by communicating the Gospel message of Jesus.
  • Introducing and encouraging the obligation and experience of service
  • Providing a values-based education.

Saint Vincent de Paul School supports the Diocese of Columbus in creating and maintaining a serious academic climate, which provides students the best opportunity to become productive, contributing citizens of the world.

At a Glance

    • Christ-centered education
    • Founded in 1856; primary school addition, 1954; administrative area addition, 2015
    • Accredited by Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association
    • K-8 enrollment: 160
    • K-8 teachers: 14
    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 11:1
    • Preschool enrollment: 45
    • Preschool teachers and staff: 6
    • Recent awards received: Harold C. Shaw Outstanding School Award (2015; for State Science Fair competitors); Buckeye Best School (annually since 2003);
    • Consistent student scoring well above national averages on Terra Nova standardized tests
    • Religion, Music, Art, Spanish are regular parts of our curriculum in all grades along with traditional “core” subjects
    • Seasonal team sports for 4th-8th grades

Calendar of Events

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Latest News

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Dear Parents,

We extend a warm welcome to you and your child to Saint Vincent de Paul Preschool. Your child is very important person, God’s own child. We welcome your child as an individual and we will try to understand and help each child develop in healthful, happy ways.

Young children learn through creative play, actively exploring and manipulating their environment. Concrete experiences contribute to concept development in the preschool age child. Through creative play, a powerful tool for young children, the stage is set for self-discovery and self-realization. Play is the major vehicle for the development of the whole child in all areas: spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical.

If during the year, you have any questions about what is happening at preschool please feel free to call me at any time. The phone number for Saint Vincent de Paul is listed at the top of this webpage, as well as my e-mail addresses below.

We are looking forward with great anticipation to an exciting year of activities with your child. Please click through to learn more about Saint Vincent de Paul Preschool.

God Bless,
Shelly Gilardi, Preschool Director

2015-16 Admission Policy and Tuition Information

Admission Policy (for St. Vincent de Paul School and Preschool)

  1. Children of active pledging parishioners will be given priority to the extent class size allows in all grades.
  2. If there are more children registering for any grade than there are spaces available, the children will be accepted in the following order:
         First–A parish family whose children currently attend St. Vincent de Paul School.
         Second–Siblings of non-parishioner families currently attending St. Vincent de Paul School K-8
         Third–Other parish families will be taken in order of their registration in the parish.
  3. Children of new St. Vincent parishioners will be admitted, providing the family agrees to support the parish by becoming registered and contributing parishioners.
  4. Children of registered and contributing parishioners of other parishes having no school will also be admitted. Parish guidelines for tuition will be followed.
  5. Children of other faiths are welcome providing the class size permits.
  6. These priorities are guidelines only. The pastor and principal shall have broad discretionary authority in the application of these guidelines in specific situations.


  • The intention is to apply the policy to all grades including our Early Childhood Program; time limitations for enrollment would be published early within the parish.
  • An Active Pledging Parishioners is defined as those that regularly attend weekend masses and financially contribute to the parish.
  • This policy also applies to the priority rewarding Jim Delozier Scholarship money after application process. (Scholarship money is available for school-age students.)
  • St. Vincent de Paul School strives to maintain a class size of 25 students per classroom K-8.
    • Diocesan guidelines classroom limit is 30 students in Kindergarten and 35 students in grades 1-8.
    • The pastor and principal have broad discretionary authority in the application of classroom size and variables.

Preschool Tuition

 Pre-K (5 days/wk)
Flex (5 days/wk)
3 days/wk (M/W/F)
2 days/wk (T/Th)
Per Month$170$155$95$70

K-8 Tuition:

 Registered and *Participating Familes:
St. Vincent de Paul
Registered and *Participating Families:
Neighboring Parishes
Other faiths
No. of Children1st Child2nd Child3rd Child4th Childper childper child
Per Month (x 12)$262.58$485.70$660.80Free$262.58$375.91


  1. Registration Fee (Preschool-8th Grade): $100/family
  2. Methods of Payment
    1. Preschool: Monthly payments through FACTS Management Company from your checking or savings account or credit card (*)(Master Card, Discover Card or American Express) to be paid in full by June 20, 2015. (*)Your credit card company will charge a monthly fee for each month’s transaction. If payment in full is made by June 10, 2015, you may deduct $40.00 from your total bill.
    2. K-8: Monthly payments through FACTS Management Company from your checking or savings account or credit card (*)(Master Card, Discover Card or American Express) to be paid in full by June 20, 2015. (*)Your credit card company will charge a monthly fee for each month’s transaction.  ORA full Payment directly made to school office by June 18, 2015 will receive a $40.00 deduction from total bill.
    3. A full payment directly made to school office before the first day of school will also be accepted.
  3. All K-8 Tuition requires at least 25 Volunteer Hours per family. Benefits of volunteering: the current Per Pupil Cost for students attending St. Vincent de Paul School is $7,300 in order to help defray that cost we ask that families volunteer their valuable time and talents by providing a minimum of 25 hours of service to the school during the academic year June to May.Your volunteer hours pay dividends several ways:
    *Growth in student and family community
    *Connection with other families
    *Connection to the school faculty, staff and students
    *A significant reduction in your out of pocket costs for tuition.When you are able to volunteer, everybody wins. We also recognize that for some families, this isn’t easy given other time commitments. But we want to make it as easy and accessible as possible, so please let us know if you have questions. If you are unable to volunteer 25 hours of service, then there is a financial option. A family may choose to increase school tuition by $800; this would increase your tuition costs by $66.67 a month.
  4. The definition of a contributing Parishioner is someone who is actively attending and financially supporting St. Vincent de Paul Church or a neighboring Roman Catholic Church.
  5. Contact the school office for information concerning ways to reduce your tuition.